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Why Won’t Amazon’s Drone Tether Swing?

The video of Amazon landing a delivery drone on a happy father’s front lawn has made the rounds, but Amazon is hedging its technology footprint and pursuing tether delivery by drone as well. This patent application is about the flawless final step of delivery, dropping the item at its destination. Apparently, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Amazon’s Narrow Patent Application for Drone Delivery

It’s been the talk of the town since Amazon ‘leaked’ its drone-delivery service, but in reading the patent application for this invention, there is plenty of room to maneuver around Amazon. The application is well-written as far as understanding the concept of drone delivery: “The final, or last mile delivery of physical items to a user specified location is traditionally accomplished using a human controlled truck, bicycle, cart, etc. For example, a user may order […]

Flying Claw Opens Doors, May Replace Doormen

From the Nightmare files, a flying claw has been patented. A drone is only as good as the clear space it’s flying through. When flying indoors, if the drone encounters an obstacle, game over, right? Not so, says Robert Marcus of Lafayette, CA. In his issued patent for a “Rotocraft”, Mr. Marcus has patented a flying machine with six degrees of freedom, for the purpose of opening doors, or carrying other tools or weapons. Here […]

First Successful FAA Drone Delivery? There’s a Google Patent for That

Today will go down in history: a new distribution channel has arrived. While it is not as glorious as the Inter-Webs, getting deliveries by drone is kind of a big deal. What took 90 minutes of arduous driving now takes 20 by a little flying machine. Emergency supplies, fresh medicine, and not to forget, warm pizza and cold beer, are all within a closer, more palpable and environmentally-friendly reach. Australian drone manufacturer Flirtey was the […]

Windowsill Chills Beer or Warms Drone-delivered Pizza

And it has solar panels, and it repels pests so they don’t build nests, and it can be used to advertise, and it can make fart noises. OK, maybe not the last one, but this windowsill does nifty stuff that we’ll need once drones start home delivery. It’s going to happen any day now, but there are inherent city problems such as theft and public safety, as there would be mounds of boxes in the […]