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Disney’s Drone Drops Fireworks, Confetti, Liquids

An important benefit of the evolving botosphere is increased safety for our humankind. Robots are slowly replacing us for tedious and dangerous activities, and drones are a great tool for anything airborne. Take fireworks: pyrotechnics are not an exact art, and can be extremely dangerous if mishandled. Disney has been busy finding ways to use drones from their Flixels to the flying eyeball to this present patent application for precise firework placement. As the application […]

Yuneec’s Lightweight Servo

Although a little older than the up-to-date tech you expect in this blog, Yuneec is emerging as a player in the UAV world, and should be regarded as such. Boasting over 50 patents filed, we found less than that on the USPTO, the present issued patent included. Size and weight are a bane of any flying object. Reduce weight, and the flying object performs slightly better, flies longer and presumably costs less to make in the long run. Servos […]